Puritan Reformed Pastoral Training Institute (PRPTI) is a wing of Puritan Reformed Ministries in India. It provides free seminary level education from the puritan reformed theological perspective to the Pastors and believers who are actively engaged in Church ministry. Those enrolled in training programs, should attend all the classes without fail, and should complete the requirements given for each class. Upon successful completion of the program, the diplomas will be given on the graduation day! Currently, PRPTI offers the following courses completely free of cost:

Course Duration Eligibility
Certificate of Theology (C. Th) 1 year ESLC/ SSLC
Diploma of Theology (Dip. Th) 1 year C. Th
Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) 2 years + 1year practical on the field/ Church Dip. Th

At present, fifteen students are enrolled into PRPTI. We see good impact in the lives of these students as they study God’s Word seriously and more deeply within its proper context, history, grammar and theology. Kindly pray for these students to learn more about God’s Word and involve in their Church ministry with proper exposition of the Word.

Do you want to support pastors training program in India? If our Lord has spoken in your hearts to help our ministry financially, you may do so through donation page of our website or contact us by EMAIL